Cute Or Not? Date or Not? Picture Rating, Advice Forums and More!

Welcome to Currently is being redeveloped from the ground up! The new site will include multiple categories of picture ratings, great member profiles for making connections with cool people, and forums to ask questions in the "...or not?" format.

We think that with a little Web 2.0 and social networking magic, can be a pretty amazing place to hang out, entertain yourself, and meet tons of fun people.

If you have any suggestion on what "...or Not?" topics/categories you would like to see please drop us a note at . We look forward to growing a fun community at a rapid pace to keep things really interesting.

In the meantime, check out these resources for sites like Hot or Not, Cute or Not, Picture Rating sites, Rate My Body sites, Rate my Face, and other similar entertainment sites:

Here's what Wikipedia has said about similar sites:

Hot or Not is a website that allows users to rate the attractiveness of photos submitted voluntarily by others. Photos are approved by volunteer moderators, who strive to keep the site "fun, clean, and real."

Founded in October 2000 by two Silicon Valley-based engineers, James Hong and Jim Young, the site was originally called Am I Hot or Not, and quickly became very popular. The site allowed people to submit their pictures, and visitors would rate them on a scale of one (not) to ten (hot).

Within a week of launching, the site had reached the level of serving almost two million page views per day. Within a few months, the site had penetrated the NetNielsen Rating's Top 25 advertising domains, placed immediately behind CNET and NBCi.

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